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Craftex CX600 Mill

  1. DO NOT operate the machinery while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This applies to ALL machinery.
  2. Cutters and fingers do not like each other. Handle all cutters with respect. They are extremely sharp. Never let your fingers get close to a rotating cutter. Treat them like razor blades.
  3. Verify the rotational direction of the spindle is correct before you start cutting. This will almost always be clockwise or “forward”.
  4. Verify the tool is securely fastened in the spindle before turning on the machine.
  5. Climb milling is only recommended for experienced machinists. Use conventional milling instead wherever possible. Climb milling can suck a part into the cutter especially on machines with excessive backlash in the leadscrews. Media:Climb_vs_conventional.jpg
  6. Ensure the part is securely affixed in the vise or to the table, and that the vise is also securely affixed to the table. CORRECT use of the clamping kit is critical for parts not held in a vise.
  7. Start the cutter’s rotation while it is well clear of the part, especially with a fly cutter or multi-insert facemill.
  8. Ensure the spindle speed is appropriate for the tool type, diameter, and material to be cut.
  9. Use medium-low speeds for the edgefinder. Do not raise an edgefinder off a part’s edge while the spindle is turning. It may snag and destroy the edgefinder, part, or worse.
  10. Never leave the drawbar wrench on the drawbar. Never never never. This is as critical and dangerous as leaving a key in a lathe chuck.
  11. Never use the drill chuck for holding an endmill or other cutter that will experience a lateral load. Use a collet instead. The drill chuck is ONLY for drill bits, countersinks, reamers, counterbores, and other tools that only travel in the Z axis relative to the part.
  12. Safety glasses are always a very good idea, however, if they fog up and obstruct your vision, stop what you are doing and get a different pair. It’s still extremely dangerous not being able to see, even if your eyes are protected.
  13. No long hair! NO LONG HAIR! Not even a ponytail is acceptable. If you have long hair, put it up under a hat or in a bun or something. Tying it back is NOT acceptable. We would rather see you looking silly than looking dead. No loose long sleeve shirts, no dangling drawstrings on hooded sweaters, no loose jewelry/rings, no headphones, no neckties. If you are observed with any of these while operating this machinery, you will be asked to stop immediately.

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