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What is ENTS?

The Edmonton New Technology Society is Edmonton’s original makerspace!

ENTS is a non-profit, member-driven society of makers, artists, hobbyists and friends. Members can create, build, repair, and work on projects with like minded people.

Members have 24/7 access to:
• a woodworking shop
• an electronics lab
• a metal shop
• a pottery studio

Opening in August 2009, ENTS is one of the oldest Makerspaces ENTS has grown into a self-sustaining collective of people with common interests and goals.

How does ENTS work?

Membership dues at ENTS fund the operations of the society. Surplus revenue is invested in equipment repair and upgrades.

As a registered non-profit society in Alberta, ENTS is organized and governed according to bylaws and policies ratified by the membership. These documents can be viewed at Docum.ENTS.

Upcoming ev.ENTS

Come by for a tour and learn more about our space, or check out some of our other events.

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Parts & Equipment Donations

Our team is appreciative of any donations, though we ask that all donors contact the Board prior to bringing anything to the space.

Please note: ENTS is non-profit society and is unable to provide a charitable tax receipt for donations.