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Can I tour ENTS before joining?

Yes! We understand that it can be difficult to visualize what ENTS is without seeing the space first hand. New members are encouraged to tour the space before joining. Bring a friend when you visit, ENTS is a social place for friends to hang out. It’s almost certain you’ll make new friends at ENTS, but it’s nice to share projects with those who know you best.

Becoming a member

We recommend coming down for a tour before joining. The best time to do this is any Tuesday night between 6pm and 9pm. If another date works best, email us at directors@ents.ca.

To get started as an ENTS member, create an account at paym.ENTS.ca, our member portal. After creating your account, please come any Tuesday between 6pm and 9pm to complete a safety and member orientation, and a director will get you access to the space.

ENTS Memberships

Standard Membership – $75/month or $750/yearly

ENTS members enjoy 24 hour access to the space, dedicated storage, discounted class enrolment and voting rights.

Student Membership $150/semester

Students share the same rights as standard members. This discounted price is available to high school and post secondary students alike.

Age Restrictions

Prospecting members aged 16-18 must have their application and waived co-signed by their guardian. Once signed, these members may freely make use of ENTS as any other member would.

Prospecting members younger than 16 must be accompanied by their guardian at all times.

Membership dues are non-refundable

Do Not Leave Payment At ENTS For A Director To Pickup!