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ENTS offers a certification program for certain tools around the space. Certification is free to members but is a requirement before using Certified tools. The certification program at ENTS is designed to equip members with the knowledge, skills and on-going support needed to safely and effectively utilize the tools that ENTS has to offer.

Certified tools are identified by the following badge. This badge can be found on the tool information page as well as on the tools themselves.



To become certified on  a tool, active members should complete the following steps:

  1. Email Certification@ENTS.ca with your name and the tool you'd like to become certified. 
  2. An instructor will schedule an introductory meeting to review your existing knowledge of the tool and the types of projects you wish to complete with the tool
  3. The member will be assigned self-study material (reading, videos, etc.)
  4. Members will complete a pre-certification, Open-Book test
  5. The instructor will schedule an in-person orientation which will include a practical exam. The scope of this exam will be the learning objectives outlined in the certification course.

ENTS strives to make tool certification an achievable process for all members. Please remember that ENTS is a volunteer-run organization, and that our instructors are also volunteers. This certification process may not always follow the same timeline, and individual schedules will vary. Please be prepared to be patient and flexible when seeking certification, and to respect the meeting times that you arrange with your instructor.


The following applies to all certifications at ENTS

  • Tool certification is a privilege, not a right. While we hope all members who want to become certified are able to do so, this is not guaranteed with a membership.
  • Certification will only be granted by approved instructors
  • Tool certification can be revoked at any time by either the Board of Directors or any approved instructor.
  • Members who use tools without certification may be banned from tool use or have their membership terminated at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • Members can only be certified on one tool per day.
  • Certification is tracked within aMemberPro
  • Being certified does not entitle a member to certify others


Certification Courses