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Group Order - Guidelines

Group Orders

To Start a Group Order:

-Make a new project entry with the name of website preceded by "Group Order"

Example Header: "Group Order: Digikey"

-Include details of minimum order (for free shipping or a target appropriate to reduce shipping cost)

-Include information required to get the part right (part # and description)

-Include the Price of each part and Quantity

To Add a Part to a Group Order

-Add the part number with description and price, with your email address

-keep a running balance of order on the right

-If the order hits the target, let the person who started the order know so they can make the purchase

To Finish a Group Order:

-Make the purchase

-When the parts arrive: notify other members on the group order that the purchase has come in so they can purchase their parts from you

-Members should try to make the exhange within a week (so everyone can get their parts, and purchaser does not get stuck with the bill)

Of course this is only a guideline. Feel free to work things out on a case by case basis if it is neccisary.

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