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RC Models

ENTS has a budding community of RC enthusiasts.

The platform of choice is predominantly quadcopters, however there are fixed wing, helicopters, tri-copters, on-road and off-road drivers among us.

In recent years First Person View or FPV has become increasingly more affordable. Many of our members are flying FPV models. We have a good selection of parts and equipment to check out and evaluate. If you’re interested in joining us for some RC fun, come by on Tuesday evenings. There’s sure to be some folks working on their kits.

The fully equipped shop available 24 hours a day at ENTS truly sets our space apart from other model clubs. Check our Tools page for a listing of the tools available at ENTS.

ENTS is in the process of trying to secure space to start an indoor racing league for multirotors. This is still in preliminary stages at this point but as the momentum of the idea grows it becomes easier to make a reality.