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{{Template:EquipmentPage |owner=ENTS |model=Delta TP300 |serial=SERIAL NUMBER |arrived=DATE |doesitwork=Works |contact=Kulps  |where=Woodworking Bay (Garage) |certification=No |hackable=No |value=DOLLARS |itemphoto=[[File:DeltaTP300.png]]}}<br>
== Specifications ==
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Cutting width: 12"<br>
Material thickness: 6"<br>
== Usage ==
Depth of cut: 3/32"<br>
Welcome users:
Motor: 120v, 15a<br>
{{Equipment|owner=Owner of Loaner of equipment|model=Make/Model of equipment|arrived=When this thing first showed up|doesitwork=Does this work or not|contact=person to contact|where=where is it}}
== Equipment Settings ==
Do not take deeper cuts than the machine is capable of. When in doubt, take a greater number of lighter cuts.<br>
{| style="border:solid #aaa 0px; margin:0px; font-size:100%; background:#ffffff; width:0px; padding:1em; text-align:absmiddle; float:right; clear:right;"
Remember to turn on the central-vac while using this machine. It makes a LOT of mess if you don't.
| {{{itemphoto|[[file:Equipment-no-photo.jpg|150]]}}}
== Known Problems ==
Blades leave minor raised portions on the wood, due to damage/notches in the blade. Slightly offsetting the blades may solve this problem.
== Future Ideas ==
== Label ==
Offset blades slightly to eliminate defects. If this does not solve the issue, flipping the blades to their second cutting edge or replacement may be necessary.
== General ==
* '''Owner/Loaner:''' {{{owner}}}
* '''Make/Model:''' {{{model}}}
* '''Usability:''' {{{doesitwork}}}
* '''Contact:''' {{{contact}}}
* '''Where:''' {{{where}}}
* '''Certification Needed:''' {{{certification}}}
* '''Hackable:''' {{{hackable}}}
* '''Estimated Value:''' {{{value}}}

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[edit] Usage

Welcome users: Baleeted for testing porpoises.


[edit] Label

Template:EquipmentPage {{{owner}}} http://ents.ca/index.php/Template:EquipmentPage

[edit] General

  • Owner/Loaner: {{{owner}}}
  • Make/Model: {{{model}}}
  • Usability: {{{doesitwork}}}
  • Contact: {{{contact}}}
  • Where: {{{where}}}
  • Certification Needed: {{{certification}}}
  • Hackable: {{{hackable}}}
  • Estimated Value: {{{value}}}
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