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Way in there


Stuff I do for ENTS


I joined ENTS in October 2009 and have been an active member ever since. In early 2009 I was appointed to the board of directors. In August of 2010 I was re-elected to the board and given the title President. The same happened again in 2011 and here we are.


I'm into cable. I enjoy running it and making it pretty. I ran most of the cable at ENTS with the help of Awstott and have a good idea of where most of it all goes. I've also been known to upgrade the space router to non-functioning states, so there's that, I guess...

Manage this Wiki

Most of the maintenance to this Wiki is done by myself, though I often ask for help from those who know MediaWiki better. You'll often see me managing spam and updating styles and sections. If you're keen to take this role over from me, please feel free to let me know. I do this only because it must be done, not because I enjoy it.

Stuff I do at ENTS

Annoying Project Management

It's certainly not uncommon for me to be hovering over peoples projects, given that I end up describing ENTS to people on a constant basis I'm always interested in the current projects at ENTS.


Though I've yet to have much time to put in to my woodworking most of the wood tools found in the shop are mine. On the magic day when I have more time to work on my own projects again I'll likely get in to the shop and start working on some bookshelves.


The only ENTS member to make use of the sewing machines, I mend and create clothes at ENTS. I've also got weak hopes to build custom slip covers for our more expensive tools over the next year.

My Externals

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Mail Directors

A random note left by a passerby:
Kulps is a general all round awesome sort of guy.

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