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Do not taunt the happy fun ball

I'm Dave Grelli, grelli in #ents on freenode.


[edit] Stuff I do for ENTS

[edit] Board of Directors

I joined ENTS in November 2009 and managed to spend a whole 9-ish months there before being elected as a director, saying it would never happen the entire time. ENTS promotions are funny like that. I am currently the Treasurer for the society.

[edit] Network Infrastructure Committee

Even before I became involved with the board I started working on the ENTS network. I've been the primary architect for it's current iteration and apparently the primary contact for anyone looking to add to or modify the current setup. There are a few things I would still like to implement for our members.

[edit] Stuff I do at ENTS

[edit] Greenhouse Automation

The current all-consuming project I'm working on is automating my 280sqft 3.5-season greenhouse. It's my first foray into microcontrollers, circuit design, and likely a number of other things that I haven't even encountered yet. Under the tutelage of mattf_ and Jesse Dean I've decided to build a network of sensor pods based around ATMega328 microcontrollers that are connected via a RS485 bus, reporting back to an Arduino Mega2560 with an Ethernet adapter that shall be polled by software running on a computer in the house collecting, storing and graphing the sensor data. The Sensor pods will monitor temperature, humidity, and light levels inside the greenhouse, with another pod being setup for measuring weather conditions outside the greenhouse. Plans also include relay control of mains power for control of ventilation fans as well as a water-pump for irrigation of both the garden beds as well as inside the greenhouse, control of lighting and heating pads for starting from seed, control of the furnace in the greenhouse and DC controlled solenoid valves for selective watering of zones in the greenhouse.

[edit] Open Energy Monitor

In researching the greenhouse automation project I found the Open Energy Monitor project and have decided to build one of their input nodes based on their instructions here. Parts are on order.

[edit] Linux Support

For a short time I ran a user group at ENTS called LUSH (Linux User Study Hall). At the time there were a few people interested in having a set time that they could come down with a sad machine and have someone else beat their head against it for a while. I seem to provide this function in our IRC channel now, though I wouldn't be against starting it back up in meatspace if there is enough interest.

[edit] My Externals



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