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<li>Vacuum Tube pre-amps and head phone amps.
<li>Vacuum Tube pre-amps and head phone amps.
<li>Black Hole Pinball Machine Restoration
<li>Black Hole Pinball Machine Restoration
[http://constablebeats.com www.constablebeats.com]

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Hi I'm Rudy. I also use the hold of Neosamuri for a majority of my online existences. I am currently the vice president of ENTS.


[edit] About

I am a graduate of NAIT from the Computer Engineering Technology Program.

My adventures into electrical modifications started when I read a book on gaming hacks and one was how to overclock my N64. After failing that I moved on to other projects mostly involving modding xbox's and adding LED's into there controllers. I garnered enough cred doing these types of things that one girl in my high school thought I could "hack" her free phone minutes.

Being an avid gamer I have always had a tendency to focus my projects on something game related. But after I won a guitar, from a NAIT raffle, my projects move to more music/sound related type things.

Currently I am working as an IT Admin.

[edit] Projects

  • Custom Built Guitar
  • Cocktail Arcade Cabinet
  • Modding current and older generation game systems.
  • Vacuum Tube headphone amp
  • Mini Guitar practice amps from answering machines
  • DIY POV Flasher because Lady Ada screwed me out of one.
  • Other stuff I made or modified that I forgot I had done.
  • Mame upright cabinet conversion
  • Arcade machine/restoration

    [edit] Current Projects

  • Vacuum Tube pre-amps and head phone amps.
  • Black Hole Pinball Machine Restoration

    [edit] Website


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