Mendel90 3D Printer

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Mendel90 3D Printer


  • Owner/Loaner: ENTS
  • Make/Model: Mendel90
  • Usability: WORKING
  • Contact: User:Hov
  • Where: Main Workroom
  • Certification Needed: YES
  • Hackable: NO
  • Estimated Value: $600
  • Quantity: {{{Quantity}}}



Current State

Currently working with small issues. Interface is at

Who Can Certify You?

User:Hov User:grelli User:khawkings


200mm by 200mm by 200mm build volume. The X and Y are actually a little less than that but the Z is actually about 208mm.

Equipment Settings

As long as the Slic3r settings match with the filament size temps the only other setting for the printer itself is the nozzle diameter. Current hot end is 0.4mm

When connecting to OctoPrint if the printer (the arduino) isn't connected to the RasPi then use:

  • Port: /dev/ttyACM0
  • Baudrate: 115200
Normally OctoPrint should be connected to the printer


The firmware has been modified to make extruder 1 (of extruders 0 and 1) behave like extruder 0. There was a magic smoke event that cooked the current limiting resistor for the extruder 0 heater.

What Could it Use?

  • Kyle will be working on a Bowden Tube based extruder to move the stepper and cold end off the X-Carriage
  • A mounting system/brackets/case for the LCD screen
  • A Cover/Case/Fan Mount for the electronics
  • The X carriage is noisy. It's probably because the linear rods are slightly smaller than the bearings. 8mm rods should be swapped in.

If you're willing to tackle any of these please let someone know.

Working on it

Known Problems

If the hot end stops making itself hot then unplug and plug back in the connectors for the hot end on the x-carriage (the 4 pin connectors to the protoboards)

Future Ideas

Support Files

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