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Master Control
MasterControl is the home-grown RFID system used at ENTS. Currently it controls access to the front and back doors to the ENTS space, as well as to the shop.
MasterContol consists of RFID readers communicating (using wiegand protocol) with an Arduino based microcontroler board. The 'Arduino' is connected to a computer (currently Atlas) via USB. On the computer is a Python script which provides the majority of MasterControl's functionality, together with a MySQL db backend which contains member data. In the member database as well as name and contact information, there are also fields for irc name, twitter name and nickname.
As well as controling door access, MasterControl will also announce member entrances on the irc channel (#ents) as well as the MasterControl Twitter feed
On irc it is possible to query MasterControl to get back information on doorc access. Simply send MasterControl a private message with the door name you are interested in, MasterControl will send you back a private message with the information on who last accessed the requested door. Allowable door names are 'front hall', 'blue room', 'shop', and 'any'. eg. /msg MasterControl any

Master Control Announce
In the name of privacy, currently entrance announcements are opt-in only. Members must specify that they would like their actions announced at which point their events are announced on irc and twitter. If populated in the db, the members irc name will be used in the irc channel, and their twitter name will be used in the twitter post. Otherwise MasterControl will use their nickname, or their first name if the nickname is not provided.

Master Control Account Log In
To view/edit your MasterControl account information, log in at below with your blue fob number. Your password will default to your fob number as well. After logging in you can change your information and password.

In order to reduce irc/twitter congestion currently MasterControl will only announce your arrival if you have not unlocked any doors within the last half hour.

Master Control Development
The source code for MasterControl is hosted on our Dropbox folder, and a sanitized version is periodically synced to the MasterControl Google Code Page.
Master Control 2.0 is currently under development, for more information please visit the Master Control 2.0 page


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