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Network at the new space

The network is currently being rebuilt. Please check back for more information later.


3com 3824 - Network Core
Dell 2824 - East Wall/Electronics Area
Dell 2824 - West Wall/Printing Area


VM Server - Dell 1950 (2 x Xeon 2.66Ghz, 32gb RAM)
iSCSI NAS - Thecus n8800p Pro (8 X 1TB SAS)
NAS Server - Dell 2950 (6 x 2tb SATA)


Aruba A200 Controller - ArubaOS
3 x AP70 - b/g/a
2 x AP65 - b/g

SSID: ENTS WPA2-PSK Key: See posters inside the space

Network 802.1q tag Subnet Description
Default Network 1
Infrastructure 15
Printer IP Location Description
General Use 192.168.1.XX Printing Area Brother HL-2270DW
HP Multi-Paper 192.168.1.XX Printing Area HP Colorlaserjet 5M
HP Plotter 192.168.1.XX Printing Area HP Thing

More updates as we build out

Network at the old space

The ENTS network is currently being rebuilt, until things are stabilized what is listed here should not be taken as gospel.

Member(s) that can make adjustments and changes to Network should you need anything.
Lead: Unknown!
Secondary: Unknown!
Primary Backup: Unknown!

VPN access is avalible for all Ents Members.

Download and install client.

See the Open VPN How to section for setup instructions.

How to setup Open VPN on a PFSense Box.,d.cGU

How to setup Users on Open VPN for a PFSense Box.

Network 802.1q tag Subnet Description
Default Network 1
Infrastructure 15
Tenant 1 51
Tenant 2 52
Tenant 3 53
Cipherkey WAN 101 PPPoE from DSL ISP
Shaw WAN 102 DHCP from Cable ISP
Vlan of the damned 666 vlan for unused switch ports that isn't routed anywhere
Printer IP Location Description
General Use Electronics Bench Brother HL-2270DW
HP Large Format Back upstairs NE corner HP Colorlaserjet 5M

Network drop map

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