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Becoming a member

How to apply

New members should submit a completed application form to
You should receive a reply shortly inviting you by the space.

Can I tour ENTS before joining?

It can be difficult to visualize what ENTS is without seeing the space first hand. New members are encouraged to tour the space before joining. Bring a friend when you visit, ENTS is a social place for friends to hang out. It's almost certain you'll make new friends at ENTS, but it's nice to share projects with those who know you best.

When should I come by?

HackTuesdays are our weekly project nights, this is not the only time members are at the space, but it's an excellent opportunity to experience the ENTS culture.
General meetings are monthly meetings where the membership discusses the current happenings of the space and decide on the future direction of the society.
Schedule a time with the directors if you're unable to make it on Tuesdays or Sundays. Just send us an email and let us know when you're free, we'll try our best to accommodate you.
If you know a member, you can visit with them as a guest at any time.

Scheduled events are listed in our calendar

ENTS membership

ENTS members enjoy 24 hour access to the ENTS space which is well stocked with tools, materials and consumables. Various types of member storage is available with everything from lockers to project storage.

Friends of ENTS

Many prospecting members love the ENTS concept and space, but simply don't have time to make full use of a membership. They still however want to keep up to date and be able to stop in from time to time and see what's going on. ENTS is happy to announce the Friends of ENTS membership. Friends of ENTS pay a reduced membership in exchange for reduced access and features. Friends are not eligible for keys but may use the space during scheduled events. Voting rights and certain equipment is restricted to members.

What are membership costs?

Monthly memberships are $75 a month
Starving Hacker/Student memberships are available by request. Talk to a director.
Yearly memberships are available for $750
Friends of ENTS memberships are $10/25 a month
There is no requirement for ongoing membership, should you need to suspend your membership, let the directors know when to suspend and resume your membership.

How to pay

ENTS prefers that members pay their dues via recurring PayPal subscriptions, as it helps greatly with budgeting
Members can however pay by single paypal payments, cash or cheque.
ENTS does not offer an type of trading of labour, materials or tools for membership, sorry.

Paypal Logo.jpg
ENTS Friend - Single - $10
ENTS Friend - Recurring - $10
ENTS SuperFriend - Recurring - $25

ENTS Membership - Single - $75
ENTS Membership - Recurring - $75
ENTS Membership - Single - $750
ENTS Membership - Recurring - $750

ENTS Membership - Single - $75
ENTS Membership - Single - $750

Please note: As ENTS is a non-profit with significant operating costs, all fees are non-refundable. Do Not Leave Payment At ENTS For A Director To Pickup!

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