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[[Drill Press 1]] (CanWood)<br>
[[Drill Press 1]] (CanWood)<br>
[[Drill Press 2]] (Delta)<br>
[[Drill Press 2]] (Delta)<br>
[[Drill Press 3]] (Craftex)<br>
[[Drill Press 4]] (King Canada)<br>
[[Router and Table]]<br>
[[Router and Table]]<br>
[[Wood Lathe]]<br>
[[Wood Lathe]]<br>
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[[Table Saw]]<br>
[[Table Saw]]<br>
[[Vertical Band Saw]]<br>
[[Vertical Band Saw]]<br>
[[Bench Grinder]]<br>
[[5" Bench Grinder]]<br>
[[6" Bench Grinder]]<br>
[[MIG welder]]<br>
[[MIG welder]]<br>
[[Horizontal Band Saw]]<br>
[[Horizontal Band Saw]]<br>
[[Scroll Saw 1]]<br>
[[Scroll Saw 2]]<br>
[[Oscillating Drum Sander]]<br>
[[Belt/Disc Sander]]<br>
[[Compound Mitre Saw]]<br>
[[Arbor Press]]<br>
[[Metal Lathe]]<br>
[[Milling Machine]]<br>
[[3-in-1 Sheetmetal Machine]]<br>
== Cloud (coming Soon...) ==
[[SVN Server]] Source Control<br/>
[[Local Storage]] Atlas<br/>
[[MySQL]] My SQL Server<br/>
[[MS-SQL]] MS-SQL Server<br/>
[[Windows Web Server]] Web Server<br/>

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Much of the equipment and tools at ENTS is owned and on loan by members. Some is owned by ENTS either by donation or purchased through the Tool Fund. For information on labeling and creating equipment pages read Equipment Labeling.


[edit] Main Room

Hot Air Rework 1
Hot Air Rework 2
Weller Soldering Station
Variable DC power supply 1
Variable DC power supply 2
Variable DC power supply 3
Oscilloscope 2
Digital Oscilloscope
Signal Generator
Mendel90 3D Printer
Ryobi Cordless Impact Driver
Ryobi Cordless Drill
40w CO2 Laser Engraver
"Tinkerbell" (CNC rotary engraver)
6-color Silkscreen Printing Machine

[edit] Cafe

Label Printer
Media Player

[edit] Workshop

Drill Press 1 (CanWood)
Drill Press 2 (Delta)
Drill Press 3 (Craftex)
Drill Press 4 (King Canada)
Router and Table
Wood Lathe
12" Thickness Planer
Table Saw
Vertical Band Saw
5" Bench Grinder
6" Bench Grinder
MIG welder
Horizontal Band Saw
Scroll Saw 1
Scroll Saw 2
Oscillating Drum Sander
Belt/Disc Sander
Compound Mitre Saw
Arbor Press
Metal Lathe
Milling Machine
3-in-1 Sheetmetal Machine

[edit] Cloud (coming Soon...)

SVN Server Source Control
Local Storage Atlas
MySQL My SQL Server
Windows Web Server Web Server

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