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After the successful build of the Mendel90 3D printer we're working on a Delta Printer. Currently parts are being sourced and assembly should start in earnest mid September, 2013.

The design is a variant of the Rostock printer called Wolfstock

The design offers fewer parts and in some ways less complexity as well as a cylindrical build volume so it's much simpler to have prints significantly taller. The plan is for a build volume of around 300mm in diameter and a little better than 500mm in height.


  • Multiple Extruders - Dual to start and moving towards 3 extruders in the future. The ability to print support material of a different filament is the driving force for the dual extruders.
  • All Metal Hot Ends - This will allow higher temperatures which will enable some different print materials such as polycarbonate.
  • Touch Screen Interface - Much as with the current Mendel90, OctoPrint will be used for the control interface. To add some bling factor and simplify its use there will be a small 7" Linux based tablet mounted directly on the printer

The printer is a colaborative effort between MachinaCorp and some ENTS members.

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